Italy glass building

One of the most fashionable architectural elements are building glass. Italy this district, which produced buildings with walls made entirely of glass. Of course, this type of construction can be successfully installed in facilities have also appointed. Their advantage is in fact easy to assemble and disassemble. Depending on the needs and expectations of glass partitions can be mounted in a system framework and frameless. The framework requires special profiles, in which the glass is mounted. With a large range of directional profiles can thus be performed in the wall spot in many shapes and sizes. The system makes frameless, that stopping are almost invisible, so that the space is not limited optically.

In both systems, there is the possibility of installing a door or traditional sliding. Thus created in this way are more functional areas and provide greater sound insulation. We Italians You can without much difficulty to find a company, that performs building glass for every size and shape. Furthermore, on offer are not only the walls, but also the railings, benches and tables, furniture fronts, shelfs, showers, stairs, and even the floor. It is a very decorative element of interior design, the additional advantage is easy to keep clean.

Italy are terms glass cabinetry really wide range of. Partitions are usually made of tempered glass, that is safe, It has improved mechanical strength and thermal. Much more effective is sandblasted or decorated glass nanodrukiem. It gives a lot of possibilities and makes arrangement, the interior looks Sophistically. In case of, the illumination of the interior requires a good, you can opt for white glass, which looks very nicely and at the same superbly transmits solar energy and transmits light. To choose is also a stained glass, satin, varnished and many other.