Glass building Wawer

Open spaces of apartments and houses are now very fashionable, therefore, many people instead of putting traditional partitions decides to building glass. Wawer It is just one of the districts, where you can observe this trend. Furthermore, glass walls are not only inside the buildings, but also on the outside - sometimes whole walls are glazed new properties. Glass are also made furniture, shower and balcony glazing. Furthermore, it is used for finishing kitchen walls and other interior fittings. Very impressive look not only partitions glass, but also stairs, canopies, railings and floors.

Most popular Wawer and in other districts building glass It partitions. There are two types of installation - system framework and frameless. The system framework glass is placed in a special part of the aluminum, wood or other profiles. This allows the secretion of the rooms and areas in any way. Furthermore, This system allows the mounting of sliding doors and traditional. Buildings in the frameless system is made of tempered glass or reinforced foil, which is mounted with special fittings. This system also allows you to mount the door.

A great advantage of the walls is walked, that most of them can quickly mount and dismount, and move to another place. What is important, offer glass cabinetry performed on the Wawer It is extremely broad, so you can easily choose to meet your needs both height and width of the walls, and type of glass, which will be made. Glass panels are quick to install and do not require any special repair work. Immediately after assuming the present aesthetic and are ready for use. The big advantage is that partitions glass, despite the physical separation of premises, they allow eye contact and do not reduce the optical. In addition, the transmit light, so that each separate room is lighted up.