Glass building Podkowa Lesna

Modern building glass, which are made w Horseshoe Leśna, is an architectural solution, which gives extremely wide possibilities of space development. These types of structures can be performed both in newly constructed buildings, and these, that already exist. Glass walls do not reduce the space and provide optimal lighting of the rooms. In addition, they allow you to functionally divide the interior and make it, that even the smallest rooms seem much larger. Great advantage glass cabinetry is light transmittance, which allows you to reduce the cost of electricity. W Horseshoe Leśna more and more buildings are being built, with glass walls as standard equipment.

Glass partition walls are a solution that is often used in the development of service points, office and commercial space. Transparency helps to isolate working people and teams, but they offer the possibility of eye contact. Furthermore, building glass they quite effectively isolate sound and maintain full light transmission. They work well not only in public buildings, but also in private homes and apartments. W Horseshoe Leśna you can easily order glass surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms.

Various types of glass are used in the production of glass buildings, it must always be done in the so-called. secure technology, that is, hardened or laminated. Depending on the customer's expectations, partitions can be built without any profiles or with decorative endings. Glass walls can be transparent, and also tinted. There is a possibility of making prints on them, including photography. The most frequently performed glass cabinetry w Horseshoe Leśna both permanent glazing are included, and glazing with the option of opening or sliding doors, glass furniture, stairs, balustrades and barriers, and even walls.