Glass doors

For this type of door we use the highest quality tempered glass having all necessary approvals. In our offer you will find frosted glass, satin, colorless and multicolored as well as with graphics , standard thickness 8,10, 12 mm. Complete with glass door includes hinges and handles. Following the spirit of the times, we have extended our offer to include loft style glass doors .we offer glass door with black mullions and in black frames. We use technical solutions adapting to your needs and decor. Glass doors they can be mounted to the wall or floor and can be used as sliding doors in various systems. We recommend glass doors Lublin Glass doors Lodz glass doors Warsaw glass kitchen Lublin glass doors Pruszkow

Many office appreciates the greatest space and roominess. You can get it unlocked the room. But of course it can also cause a lot of problems, Therefore many entrepreneurs decide to get mute by introducing walls, but instead of wooden doors decides to glass door. With it you can get a space, but at the same time individual rooms have their own privacy and relaxation. At the same time this helps achieve prestigious and elegant interior. This is a very valuable solution for companies and begins to be used in a growing number of companies. Also, many shops use begins glass door as the entrance to the store, which fits very well with glass site. This is a good solution for full compliance decor. In the case of such door you do not have to also worry about the safety, because it is used for that special thick, Tempered glass, which provides security.

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