Glass tops

Glass tops recently become very popular, are elegant and glamorous. The advantage of this top is a modern design and originality. They can be a great decoration both small rooms and spacious interiors.

All tops are made from toughened glass, thick 10 mm- It can be both worktop, bar, under the sink in the bathroom and many other. Countertops of this type are hard and resistant to scratches, are completely safe and very durable.

Each dining room in the family home must be your beautiful, big, Family table. The meal is a very important part of the day and eating it together with family makes, it is especially celebrated. Therefore, a choice of dining table you need to prepare and think about it. Recently become very popular with tables glass tops. They are certainly very interesting and innovative. It is true that keeping them clean, especially for families with young children, It is especially difficult, but it has many more advantages. Beautifully presented in every dining room. Fact, it is a glass top, makes, that space seems to be bigger and brighter. glass countertops They are also very elegant and refined, so beautifully presented you no longer have any tablecloth, just some little tread. And of course, this makes the presence of glass countertops, that all guests are sure to envy us such a table as soon as possible and will go to the store, to change their dining tables.

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